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TSS: Egg Raffle by reasonablygay
TSS: Egg Raffle
For the egg raffle on The-Sacred-Star. I decided to go wild and do a bunch of Tree-Branch's characters. We have Javelin, Vronsk, Vanora and Shyrah. I do have plans for some other peoples as well so they should emerge eventually.

Art- reasonablygay
Characters- Tree-Branch
For- The-Sacred-Star
TSS: Art Collab by reasonablygay
TSS: Art Collab
For the current art collab, hosted by the lovely Tree-Branch

Art/Character belong to me- reasonablygay 
Please do not take this image and alter, trace or claim it as your own. Thank you!
for The-Sacred-Star
Lupomol Coutre by reasonablygay
Lupomol Coutre
Full size picture of Lupo as I had to shrink it down loads for it to fit on the application.

Art/Character belong to me- reasonablygay 
Please do not take this image and alter, trace or claim it as your own. Thank you!
for The-Sacred-Star
TSS: Lupomol Coutre by reasonablygay
TSS: Lupomol Coutre


Lupomol Coutre

Age: 120 (appears around 20)

Gender: Male

Race: Quarter human and three quarters rabbit animen

Deity: Gorum

Faction: Shadar

Rank/Occupation: Enforcer

Dragon: Pyklum

Rikel Coutre (Father, alive)

Honey Wa’rz (Mother, alive)

Phoenix Coutre (Older sister, alive)

Lerant Coutre (2nd Older sister, alive)

Mojo Coutre (Younger sister, deceased)

Physical Appearance: Lupomol is a short, ¾ rabbit animen at only 5’ 6”, but what he loses in height he makes up for with the size of his plush, white ears and feet. He has wide, red eyes with pure white pupils, a tuff of dark ivory hair cushions his head as Pyklum, his dragon, loves to head-butt as a sign of affection. Altogether he is very petite and can be mistaken for delicate; however this is not the case as he is pure muscle, especially his legs and feet. He also has two tattoos; Pyklum’s face on his right arm, in the form of an almost geometric sleeve and his youngest sisters name on the sole of right foot, to join those he has 5 piercings; one in the centre of his top lip, 2 in his left ear and two that go through the back of both ears to hold them back during battle.


++Loyal- Once a friend always a friend, there is just about nothing that Lupomol wouldn’t give for his few close friends. For those who manage to gain his loyalty they should know he would gladly lay down his life for theirs. 

++Intelligent- Lupo loves books and stories, military journals are his guilty pleasure and can often be found with one in his bag. He also enjoys learning things for himself, usually using his books to do so. 

++Courageous- As said before Lupomol would give his life for one of those closest to him, added to that he loves to be at the head of a battle for his beliefs. Furthermore he will speak his mind without hesitation if he believes the situation calls for it. 

++Artistic- Aside from his book Lupo has a love for drawing and music, those who know him well might be able to occasionally hear him sing or attempt to play an instrument.

--Violent- He loves a brutal war, though he would never start one without excellent cause, war and battles are a reason for him to go on and they help him forget the memories from his past. 

--Obsessive- There is one true obsession in Lupomol’s life and that is interesting things. If something seems to be him to be boring or normal he will ignore it, unless it has something to do with his few close friends, this obsession to be interesting and find intriguing things was one of the big reasons for him leaving his family. 

--Brooding- Occasionally Lupo will brood, he has done things in the past he is not proud of and sometimes gets caught in the memories of his misdemeanours. When this happens he will become withdrawn and incredibly violent to those who approach him, excluding one person.


-A large assortment of pairs of handmade hatchets 

–A wardrobe that is only challenged in size by his tailor lover, Nervidlia. Pieces of plate armor made for battle that include 2 gauntlets, 1 pauldron, 2 ear protectors and a helm plus 2 cuisses and back piece for battle. 

–A small leather bag that holds a couple of books, some ink and quill for drawing or writing, a lock picking set, blade sharpening tools and a small pouch of money.


-4 earrings. 

- Full body leather suit for very cold winters.

Lupomol is the third child of Rikel Coutre and Honey Ma’rz, born in the Kingdom of Ival on their small farm in the fields during a summer afternoon. His childhood could easily be described as perfect; his parents had nothing but love for both him and his two older sisters. All they wanted for him was to grow up with good morals, a good knowledge of the world and how it worked, maybe one day he could take over the farm from them or start a family of his own… and he hated them for it. When he was young Lupo had a love for all things extraordinary and interesting, this slowly developed into an obsession. Nothing could ever be good enough for him if it wasn’t interesting, this including his parents, they were boring and they wanted nothing more out of life for themselves than what they had. He knew they could easily make a better and bigger more important life for all of them, including his newly born younger sister Mojo. Lupomol began to believe that his parents were selfish for not trying to get better, to get more interesting.

As years went on Lupo’s outlook on life stayed the same and the contempt for his ordinary parents grew with him, Lupomol would often wander the forest where he would unleash fits of rage against the trees around. It was in this forest when he was around 40 that he was found by Pyklum, they had a common ground, they were both intrigued by the other, and this is what they based their friendship and eventual bond on. For years Lupomol would sneak out sometime every day to see her, she became his world in a way. She listened to his thoughts and problems and she never became his parents, she never became boring.

When Lupo was 61 his hatred for his parents had reached boiling point, not only were they as they had always been but they were in his mind corrupting Mojo, his younger sister. She wanted nothing for her life anymore; all Mojo wanted was to find a husband and settle like her parents, she wanted no adventure or intrigue. Lupo decided to save her, in a way, one last time he would make her interesting and show his parents they couldn't control either of them anymore.

For 58 years the two have trained to be the best fighters they possibly could be, to this day Lupomol and Pyklum have to live with the consequences of what they did. Along the way they ran into Lupo's closest friend, a sloth animen by the name of Jacken G'ladheon. The pair traveled together for several years making their way across Khalla bounty hunting for money. After an unfortunate run in with a deceitful elf, the pair split and Lupo ran to the only other person he knew he could be safe with. Nervidlia was Lupo's first true crush, he can still remember the way his cheeks heated at their first meeting, the filthy places his mind ran to at seeing the mixed breeds prehensile tail. They stayed together on the condition that Lupomol would give up bounty hunting and the less than savory missions that came with it. If only Lupo could have kept that promise, the blood was too beautiful, the coin was too plenty and once again Lupo managed to destroy the world he had built with people he loved. Once more he and Pyk were on the road alone, the two found themselves in one of the last places Lupo ever expected to ever find himself. He became employed by his own, very suspicious, elder sister in her tavern. Working there homed his already excellent skills to near perfection, he learnt more about the world and the people in it and he managed to regain a very small part of his family again. He still visits Phoenix, his sister to this day and is a backer to the tavern if things were to ever get tough.

It was one of these days walking through a distant town with his sister that he saw a much older but very familiar face, Jacken had grown up in the time they had been apart. However the foundations on which their friendship had been built never shifted and soon they fell back to the way they had been. Jacken introduced Lupo to the Leader of Shadar soon after and the rabbit never even thought to hesitate. Joining was never be a problem for the two, the complication was reaching the floating islands as neither could fly. Eventually Varadgrim, Jacken's dragon, would show Pyklum a way up using small boulders and debris as stepping stones. However the first trip called for Pyklum to bring something from her past back to her. The dragon slowly emerged from under the black water, Lupomol had never seen a dragon of this size before, he would never admit it but he was terrified. Streaks of deep blue and vibrant yellow ran across the dragons grey body and finally ended in swirls on the center of the wings, creating the illusion of another pair of eyes. Lupo wanted to run but he was a fighter, he stood his ground awaiting an action from the colossal beast. Pyklum on the other hand looked over joyed to see this creature, jumping and rolling around like an excited cat. She roared at him and he returned the call, the force of it shook the ground and made trees convulse, with pleasantries exchanges the dragon grabbed one of them in each hand and took off. Lupomol still doesn't know who the dragon was or why he helped them, all he does know is that Pyklum's past is nothing but a mystery to him and one day he will solve it. The position of enforcer fit the pair perfectly, each had decades of fighting experience and Lupomol had years of tactical planning he had done by himself. They wanted to be at the front of a battle, charging for their enemies, destroying all with speed, knowledge and unmatched brutality. The plotting, the battles and the power would distract them from the memories. Hopefully. 

And it did for awhile and then things started going wrong, first the acid rain and smog, now the volcano. Things were getting bad quickly, but even when things go wrong there usually something small that seems to go just right. Lupo had given up on ever finding Nervidlia again and if he did, he would never have thought to be forgiven. Things might have been going wrong however Lupo had reason now more-so than ever to fight to stay alive and keep all those around him alive too.

Interesting Extra Info:
Lupomol obsession with fascinating people and objects has greatly relaxed since his teen years; however it still controls a large amount of his judgment and actions. He has a great many skills mostly learnt from books, but the only thing he hasn’t been able to learn from this method is dancing and to this day looks for someone to teach him. He did all of his tattoos himself, taught by his sister Phoenix during his time in her employment. Lupomol hates the fact he didn’t know Pyklum from her hatching, he envies those who knew their dragons from the beginning. Lupo hates flying, high places and being picked up. His tail is extremely sensitive. He loves eating flowers. He love for dresses often confuses people but he dosen't care, he will wear what he thinks looks good and feels good.

Jacken G'ladheon- His oldest friend, he trusts Jacken with his life but often worries that Jacken hides his emotions from him.

Pyklum- Pyk is Lupo's dragon and something that runs deeper than his friend, had she been human or something along those lines they would have been married by now. There is sometimes a sense of regret between them on this front and can lead to Pyk being possessive and jealous.

Amariel- Only known for a short time but Lupo counts her as a friend and would like to spend more time with her when he gets the chance.

Javelin Lockwood- His Overlord, Lupo looks up to her in some ways and in others is concerned about how she treats Jacken, one day he does plan to discuss this with her.

Seza- A blind date Lupo went on awhile ago, he counts her as a tentative friend.

Nervidlia Endel Shrike- A ex and current lover their relationship is much better than it was and there seems to be more understanding and less arguments now.

Roleplay Example:
White wings of lightening flew through the black sky, each one giving a flash of reality before darkness consumed the world once more. The sound of rain was deafening, only the cry of thunder reached through its screams. Actually that would be a lie, one other noise could be heard, the occasional breaking of branches and bangs as something attacked the forest. The lithe creature threw all its strength at tearing the woods apart, every part of the rabbit animen was focused on causing as much damage and destruction as it possibly could. Though his screams of anger could not be heard over the rain he continued regardless, he was so distracted by his cries and the sound his blood pumping through his body that the rabbit never caught on to the large, dark shape behind him. It approached slowly, twisting its way forward through the trees until it was a few small metres behind him. It poised itself to strike, settling as low to the ground as it could. Then it pounced crossing the distance to the rabbit and head-butted him in the back, causing him to tumble over into a thorn bush. “Pyklum! You complete arse, must you do this every time I am trying to relax.” The rabbit yelled, slowly extracting himself from the thorns and standing to look at his attacker. He could hear her giggle and then speak through their bond. “Yes I must Lupomol; it calms you down quicker than anything else I can do. Now, what is going on in that March hare mind of yours?” Lupo sighed and his facial expression turned sour. “My parents.” Had Pyklum eyebrows she would have raised them at Lupo and his cryptic answer, instead she snapped her jaw at him. “Why don’t you just read my mind and find out for yourself?” “Because that, would be an invasion of your privacy and I have no idea if I could actually do that, besides I like you to tell me in your own time Lupo.” Pyklum decided to settle as it could be awhile before her charge dared to speak; she managed to find a relatively dry and sheltered spot. Then she lay down her tail curling and twisting as a cat’s does, a few moments of silence went by before Lupomol finally spoke. “They are corrupting her, destroying every chance she has of a good life.” His fists clenched in anger. “They have arranged a marriage for her; they have taken her hope from her.” Pyklum cocked her head. “And by her you mean your sister, Mojo?” “Who else would I be talking about? I hate them, I HATE THEM BOTH!” With that the rage he had been able to subdue until then, burst forth once again and he smashed another branch off a nearby tree, splinters showering both dragon and rider. “Must you do that every time you need to relax?” Pyklum spoke, mocking Lupomol’s earlier question to her. She only received a steely glare in return. “Fine if you are going to be like that I’ll be on my way, however I did have a solution to your little problem. But you probably don’t want to hear it.” “Of course I want to hear it Pyk, they just make me so angry.” Lupo finally settled down and rested himself against his friend’s side, basking in the warmth she always produced. It was a great comfort especially at times like this when things seemed wrong and the weather was harsh. “Well then Pyk, what is your brilliant plan?” “You hate what your parents have done to your sister?” “Yes.” “You want to save her from a life without meaning?” “Of course.” “Then save her, show your parents they can’t control either of you. Make her interesting one last time.” The words spoken Pyklums eyes glowed brighter, turning to the colour of boiling magma, rain dripping down her bone face. “Save her.”

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, just a quick journal to let everyone know that I am currently on holiday in Newquay, Cornwall and therefore away from my computer and drawing tablet. Sooooooo... There shall be a great lack of any digital art this week, however this week has become my official tradition fan art week. This means that some days I will put up bad quality, colourless pictures from my iPad of my art until I get home and to my scanner, I hope everyone else is having an okay week at least and speak to you guys soon.

Much love as always Chris and Beth.
P.S. You might also have to put up with a few holiday pics (sorry ^3^)
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